Pricing  is dependant on many factors.The cost of the wallpaper, knobs and handles,glass for the top and the complexity of the piece.The simpler and smaller it is,the less hours it will take to do.Also the cost of the furniture itself, if  the customer doesn’t already  own  it and wants me to source them  a  second hand item. I usually try to pick up a piece for £50 or less.

I can give a costing from  good emailed photos if you own  the furniture,or preferably I would like to come to see the piece if distance  is agreeable.That way I would get a better idea of the surroundings in which  the embellished  item  is to live.

Wallpapers are really in vogue and out there in abundance. Choosing a design is personal to your own taste and most customers prefer to do this themselves but I am  more than happy to give advice in this area and source a roll for you following a brief of your requirements .A  smooth, flat paper is required,whilst a textured or washable type is not suitable.

 The cost of wallpapers can be £10 to £110 depending on your budget and taste but I have found some great  bargains on Ebays’ auction site ,for a fraction of their original price, so it is worth a look. I do keep a small stock  of my own I can offer up.

Delivery can be arranged for an agreed price.If we are unable to collect  or  deliver an item  personally,  due to size or distance,we will arrange a reputable firm to do this on our behalf. Customers may wish to collect    the piece themselves to save on the cost of transport.

Payment can be made by cash  or cheque on completion of your furniture or  Bank transfer

Beautifully Wallpapered Furniture